[the course of action that bacterium stay of proceedings fries cutlet] how does _ dawdle _ do –

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The sort of dawdle has plant by tens of thousands but can of edibleForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Sort has only so a few kinds, because most fungus is put in certain noxiousness, eat to also can produce deadly result to human body more. But can the flavour of a few kinds of fungus of edible also is very delicious, and the nutrient value of dawdle also is very rich, it butForum of Shanghai night net

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Absorb with promoting human body to digest, and most the means that often becomes fungus is dawdle cutlet, what is the practice of dawdle cutlet so?

Bacterium stay of proceedings fries the course of action of cutlet

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Stay of proceedings fries fleshy dish to taste characteristic

Dish is: Dish of the daily life of a family

Effect: Gas blood double fill, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, be good at lienal appetizing, nutrition is perfect. Dawdle nutrition is rich, it is high protein, low adipose, contain a lot ofhuman body the nutrient composition such as indispensible and amino acid, mineral, vitamin and polysaccharide. Often edible dawdle can promote the human body absorption to other edibles nutrition well. Spring preserve one’s health suits to eat nutrition of dawdle complement body very much.

Taste: Small hot / can decide according to him taste.

Craft: Fry

Know everybody takes money people had waited not as good as, bring dawdle to fry 3 kinds of practices of the flesh for you immediately.

Bacterium stay of proceedings fries the course of action of cutlet

Dawdle fries fleshy practice one

Advocate makings: Dawdle 200 grams, pork 200 grams.

Complementary makings: Chili 25 grams, egg is clear 30 grams.

Condiment: Amylaceous 10 grams, garlic (Bai Pi) 5 grams, ginger 5 grams, salt 3 grams, plant is oily 25 grams, soy 5 grams.

Characteristic: Taste is little sweet, mouthfeel slips tender.


1, cut pork piece, with souse of essence of water starch, egg white, chicken, salt.

2, chili cuts man.

3, garlic is cut piece.

4, green, Jiang Qie becomes silk.

5, sit boiler ignition puts oil, enter garlic piece explode a fragrance, join green, ginger, put cutlet to break up fry, break up again into dawdle fry moment.

6, join salt, soup-stock, soy, build a bit stew a little while.

7, add essence of life of chili, chicken, tick off thin Gorgon euryale to be able to give boiler.

Bacterium stay of proceedings fries the course of action of cutlet

Dawdle fries fleshy practice 2

Raw material: New worry cutlet of 250 grams, pig pink of wine of 100 grams, green, ginger, soy, carry on, pepper, salt, amylaceous, chicken is right amount.


1, dawdle abluent, rip big, in devoted boiling water fully very hot, take1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Give crowded dry moisture.

2, green ginger section. Add sliced meat wine of pink of right amount soy, salt, chicken, carry on, starch to mix divide evenly reserves.

3, boiler get angry, put oil to burn heat, put green ginger to explode sweet, put sliced meat stir-fry before stewing to fry again, after cutlet becomes angry, join pink of water, soy, salt, chicken, pepper to be burned.

4, put dawdle, use small baked wheaten cake 5 minutes, turn again with conflagration, receive juice thick, join water starch, make juice even the ground is hanged in cutlet peace stay of proceedings to go up can.

Dawdle fries nutrient value of the flesh

Human body is contained in dawdle hard digestive crude fibre, half crude fibre and lignin, can maintain the moisture equilibrium inside bowel, still can absorb the rest of cent of cholesterol, candy, its outside eduction body, right beforehandForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Prevent constipation, bowel cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetic etc very advantageous.

Last word: Above fries fleshy introduction about dawdle of dish of the daily life of a family namely, eachFall in love with the sea

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The friends that like to start work are fast try oneself go doing a dawdle to fry the flesh.