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With cool and refreshing mouthfeel, because this adds field mint in toothpaste,be manufacturer of a lot of toothpaste the business that can do, because there is the word of field mint to be able to be helpful for pure and fresh tone in toothpaste, reduce halitosis this kind of awkward situation happens. And field mint is OK also water of mint of make it of field mint insolation drinkable, actually field mint still can make many food, because of field mintShanghai noble baby

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Clear sweet smell is OK to a lot of dish rise to go the action of raw meat or fish, what food can field mint make accordingly?

Field mint can make what food

The edible method of field mint

Field mint is had medical with edible double function, main edible place is bine and leaf, also can extract juice to take. On edible, field mint can serve as flavor enhancement already, can make perfume again, still can match wine, strongForum of Shanghai night net

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Field mint congee

Bright mint 30 grams or dry taste 15 grams, clear water 1 litre, become about 0.5 litres with decoct of medium baking temperature, mint of the fish out after refrigeration leaves juice. With 150 grams stalk rice boils congee, when waiting for congee to will be become, join field mint soup and a few rock candy, boil can.

Effect: Pure and fresh happy god, scanty wind comes loose hot, stomachic, help aid digestion.

Field mintBean curd

Bean curd 2, bright mint 50 grams, xian Cong 3, add simmer in water of 2 bowls of water, decoct comes water halve, take the advantage of hot edible namely.

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Effect: N&v snuffle of medicable catch a cold, sneeze, snorty wait for disease.

Field mint can make what food

Silk of field mint chicken

Flesh of pigeon breast chest 150 grams, cut filament, add egg white, amylaceous, refined salt to mix divide evenly is stand-by. Field mint straightens 150 grams are abluent, cut same paragraph. The oil in boiler is burned to 5 into heat, had entered the gallinaceous silk that has mixed oil. Have pot additionally, add bottom oil, leave green ginger last stage, add silk of stalk of cooking wine, mint, chicken, salt, gourmet powder to be fried slightly, drench on Chinese prickly ash is oily can.

Effect: Disappear fire sees hot weather.

Field mint cake

Take polished glutinous rice, gram each 500 grams, field mint 15 grams, white sugar 25 grams, sweet-scented osmanthus a few. Boil gram first to know sth thoroughly, rejoin white sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus and stuffing of mincing make it of field mint leaf reserve. stew of polished glutinous rice ripe, put the air inside the box cool, wrap stuffing of sweetened bean taste with meal of polished glutinous rice next, become namely with mallet squash.

Effect: Cool and refreshing, scanty wind comes loose hot, larynx of clear pharynx benefit.

Field mint can make what food

Soup of fish of bright mint crucian carp

Fish of vivid crucian carp 1, analyse is washed clean, thoroughly cook with water, add very light blue 1, ginger 1, bright mint 20 grams, water boil can put dressing and oily salt, soup flesh eats togetherLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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. Eat 1 times everyday, eat 3 ~ 5 days repeatedly.

Effect: Can treat children long cough.

Field mint soup

Will thin lotus leaf is cleaned clean, mincing, iron with boiled water, put a few salt, balm.

Effect: Detoxify relieves inflammation or internal heat.