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Article introduction

Yam is we are in daily in the center one commonner kind feeds capable person, yam contains substantial nutrient part, often eat yam to hairdressing is raised colour, reduce weight thin body, fight cancer, precaution gas is swollen and delay the effect such as consenescence. Yam taste is sweet soft glutinous, the practice is more, the yam rice water that does with yam and rice suits everybody edible, be in especially in the winter when the yam rice water of a bowl of warm will be warm all over.

The practice of yam rice water

The practice of yam rice water

Material: Rice, yam

The measure that make:

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Yam skin is cut clean, 4-6 is joined after rice is cleaned out clean the water of times. Put yam stripping and slicing into electric meal Bao, it is good to a hour to boil half hour.

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1, add water: But the be fond of according to oneself, if basically be to drink soup to increase much point, if be full abdomen,add water less.

2, boiled time: Want yam mouthfeel soft glutinous a bit, the time that cooks is a bit longer, can boil; of a hour to want mouthfeel relaxed 1:30 hour can.

The practice of yam rice water

The nutrient value of yam

Contain a variety of 10 mineral elements such as 8 kinds of vitamins such as A of B of vitamin C, vitamin, vitamin and phosphor, iron, still contain much effect peculiar, yam cellulose content is high, this kind of material1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Can increase volume of excrement and urine, stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, clear what stop inside alvine antrum is mucous, accumulate gas and putrefaction, the toxic substance in eduction excrement and urine and carcinogen, carry have a bowel movement expedite, improve enteron environment, prevent a stomachFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The happening of alvine path disease. The zinc in violet potato, iron, copper, manganese, calcic, Selenium all isShanghai night net

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Natural, and iron, calcic content is especially high. Suit child edible very much.

The practice of yam rice water

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The advantage of potato

1, advantageous reduce weight

The standard of living of present people rises ceaselessly, food is hotter also better, because this fat friend is increasing also, and and yam is adipose content is low, produce heat little, eat yam to return more can of Yu Xiao fall bottom hunger feels, and the main demand that these just accorded with the person that reduce weight.

2, yam hairdressing is raised colour

Yam contains the material of similar estrogen, have maintain human body skin exquisite, reduce hypodermic and adipose accumulation and embellish skin, anti-creasing, hairdressing to raise Yan Zhi function.

2, prevent cholesterol exorbitant

The function that yam controls cholesterol is other alimental 10 times. So, if your cholesterol is high, can eat two yam more appropriately.

4, assist fall blood pressure

The auxiliary step-down effect of yam basically is attributed to the potassium element that contains a lot ofamong them. Because potassium and natrium are the important element that affects blood pressure discretion, if human body absorbs enough Potassium, with respect to the food that can promote blood to excrete redundant sodium; edible to contain a lot ofpotassium, still can promote style inside of mineral level balanced, have certain auxiliary step-down effect finally.

5, reduce apoplectic risk

Yam is absolutely ” tall Potassium low natrium ” king. Consider to discover, the rich Potassium food such as yam can reduce apoplectic risk 20% .

6, conserve joint

Rich sticky protein is contained in yam, have certain profit to conserve joint.