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We are in this kind of fruit at ordinary times edible it, we need to open Durian, next edible its pulp, and Durian seed and so on also is cannot of edible, we want to eat Durian, we can know its way, learn to choose Durian next, and choose good place undertake edible. To Durian have a meal, we are Durian of need cut away most bottomA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Leave raised position, and should notice Durian cannot eat too much, can cause the symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat.

 What place can have Durian

Of Durian have a way correctly

Above all, use hilt Durian lowermost first raised place cut away, this moment can see the grain of Durian interior, dissection down grain with the knife next, reoccupy hand is broken, take out Durian pulp valve to eat can. Notable is to eat the following the scarcely inside 9 hours should drink. Durian carapace still has certain curative effect, it is OK to can choose to boil water to drink with Durian carapace fall the steam of Durian.

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1, eat Durian meeting get angry, to avoid the measure of Durian get angry it is the edible since tie-in Shanzhuyi. Shan Zhusu has ” fruit empress ” this says, the characteristic is clear hot reduce internal heat, thai often has the habit that has some of Shan Zhu after eating Durian.

2, after boiling Durian carapace and weak brine together, take, can fall fire solves sluggish. Can reduce the flavour of Durian, cut Durian intoShanghai night net

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Xiaoding, a few ice cream are joined inside, agitate good, notice ice cream does not want the sort of hard, should be changed a little, rarer the sort of.

 What place can have Durian

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The nuclear energy of Durian eats

Does the nuclear energy of Durian eat? The answer is affirmative. The nucleus of Durian can decorticate directly eat, its flavour resembles Chinese chestnut; also can be being boiled a bit will eat, the water that its boil can be drunk, the action; that has remedial skin disease also can serve as a kind of material of the fried dish.

Durian nucleus also has fair officinal value, guangdongA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Folk is helpful the practice of soup of Durian nucleus Bao. Relative to Durian pulp, the karyoplasm of Durian is gentler, filling kidney of the insolation Shangyou that boil, be good at lienal action. Durian pit uses Bao boiling water, shuck cortical hind and advocate expect next boiler are stewed one case sodden, mouthfeel soft glutinous resembles taro, also resemble chestnut, have filling kidney, be good at lienal action, have even say nutrient value wants to exceed pulp. Durian nucleus also can be put together with other fruit boil sweet smell of a thick soup is very nice. Dietotherapy: Flesh of nucleus of 15 grams Durian, 2 two lean lean, right amount longan, add water to boil, but lukewarm filling kidney.

 What place can have Durian

The nuclear edible value of Durian also is taller, so the nuclear energy of Durian eats the issue of a common sense that this problem must become hobby Durian person. Not only the nuclear energy of Durian eats, joining Durian case also is OK of edible. Often use Bao boiling water in Guangdong Durian carapace, have the effect that relieve inflammation or internal heat, and urticant to skin Sao have certain curative effect.