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Onion feeds capable person this kind cutting a way is more, we want to cut man, it is very simple, want us only after the take out of from beginning to end onion, next the cuticular take out onion, first onion from which cut two half, onion is cut in upend direction, the onion that such cutting come out can form strip, but cut onion to may appear the circumstance that sheds tear, everybody shouldShanghai noble baby

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Should avoid hand lay a finger on to arrive eye, reduce the stimulation of the eye.

 Onion cuts fourth method

How does onion cut into shreds

Onion cuts into shreds very simple. Because onion isForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Of one layer upon layer wrap up. Putting on chopping block fine fine straight-cut. Follow besides the first knife most end one knife is a shape. Other is filar. Two of a shape change a knife again can.

How does onion cut man

Onion besides cut into shreds, still need to be cut occasionally fine fine onion is fourth. Onion cuts Ding Ye very simple, need only the following 4 measure:

1, after onion take out is cortical abluent, onion from which fore-and-aft cut two half.

2, get on the transfer to a lower level of tangent plane day of onion in chopping block, make the same score from horizontal direction cut onion, get together between every knife about 0.3 centimeters, from one aspect of the matter incision comes be apart from the another place that carries about 0.5 centimeters, cannot cut off completely.

3, withFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The hand secures across, cut onion from upend direction, the distance between every knife is 0.5 centimeters, do not want to be cut off completely likewise, 0.5 centimeters are at the same time without what cut off before every knife is apart from.

4, press with the hand finally did not cutFall in love with the sea

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Those who break at the same time, from go up to be cut off downward, the onion that can get size agrees is fourth.

 Onion cuts fourth method

Onion tearless cuts a way

1) is well-known, onion is old also, odour is heavier, if do not want to cut,tear sheds when onion so, fresh onion is best;

2) knife should be ground quickly. The meeting after onion decorticates releases exciting odour, time is longer, odour is heavier also. Faster Dao Yue is so good cut, the onion that also shortens releases the time; of odour

The gimmick with proper 3) , especially when onion cuts Xiaoding, appropriateLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Cut onion time; with also can shortening

4) is additional, some of salt is wiped on the hand that presses onion, perhaps onion can reduce ingredient of get a breathing space in the hubble-bubble in cold water release

 Onion cuts fourth method

The method of choose and buy of onion

1, onion of choose and buy, its skin does better more, the bag coils degree heal cheek by jowl more good;

2, look from appearance, dark brown grain; had better be contained in can seeing transparent skin

3, sphere is complete, without fission or injury, the complete and smooth, person that do not have cankered case is skin beautiful.