[how does bovine bone soup boil grandma white? ]

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People classics regular meeting eats with bovine bone stew, the dish of the daily life of a family that this is a extraordinary popularity is tasted, warm the bovine bone boiling water that come out flavour is very delicious, and bovine bone soup has first-rate nourishing effect, bovine bone soup besides contain a lot ofprotein besides, especially the content of calcic element is very high, a lot of people like to stew the bovine bone soup that suckles white to eat, but wanting to accomplish this is not simple thing, should master following these methods.

How does bovine bone soup boil grandma white?

How does bovine bone soup boil grandma white?

The bovine bone that buys must use clear water bubble a little while, come out water of a few blood to bubble with dirty content, put bovine character into boiler next, add water more, put the Jiang Pian of chunk, from the beginning boil.

When be being boiled at the same time, the bubble that has surplus of noodles in soup at the same time even gives ” delimit ” drop, give raze these foam with small ladle namely, this movement needs patience very much, and a paragraph of small last time, “Delimit ” after dropping all small foam, can add a few vinegar toward Shang Li a little, it is OK to be returned at the same time in pouring the Bai Luobo that has cut into boiler, enter the process that endless Bao boils next, boil with small fire slowly make probably two hours. Of course, if be afraid of flavour the smell of mutton, still can add the spice such as a few anise, cassia bark, gust is much better.

How does bovine bone soup boil grandma white?

Finally, the Shang Xian that has boiled drops the oil of surface layer with filter of filter oily net, can give boiler.

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Bovine bone is the skeleton of bovine division animal. Bovine bone contains the nutrient component such as larger spinal cord organization and inorganic compound, can be used as medicine.

” Ben Chaogang looks ” : “Pleasant, lukewarm, avirulent. “

” day Hua Ziben is careless ” : ‘ burns ash, treat haematemesis, nose big, in collapse, morbid, alvine wind, have diarrhoea blood, watery diarrhoea. ‘

” detailed outline ” : ‘ treats impaludism of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease.

How does bovine bone soup boil grandma white?

Consider to discover:

1, content of the protein in bovine bone and adipose content are respectively 11.5% with 8.5% .

The protein in skeleton 90% reach cartilage element for collagen, ossein, these material can strengthen cerebral cortex to the cell metabolizes and defer consenescence.

The protein amino acid in bone, indispensible and amino acid content is high, and scale is balanced, belong to high grade albumen.

2, active of many calcic phosphor salt, biology is contained in Niu Xian bone qualitative element of material, mine, citrate and vitamin, it is the nutrition that human body needsShanghai noble baby

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And, the calcic phosphor content of bovine bone is high, it is respectively 19.3% with 9.39% , ca: P ratio is approximate 2: 1, it is human body those who absorb calcic phosphor is optimalLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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3, there is brain in marrow indispensableShanghai Long Feng forum

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The egg ammonia acid of hematic material and divine classics give a variety of peculiar part such as material.