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The athletic item that everybody can make now is very much, motion also has a lot of classification, for instance cent moves to have oxygen and move without oxygen, a lot of people like to canter now, can swim in order to enter the water additionally or do gem gal to wait a moment, these are first-rate motion having oxygen, these motion do not calculate very acuteness, but some motion are very acuteness, play basketball for instance or play football, still have run quickly etc, violent campaign basically includes following these.

What does violent campaign include?

What calls violent campaign?

Violent campaign is the motion that do not have oxygen, and general campaign is motion having oxygen; Violent campaign needs to spend many oxygen and water share, make human body force overdraws, should drink some of weak brine to complement in time more as far as possible humoral, such ability are unapt harm the body! ! Different to the standard of everybody, achieve above 120 times when the heartbeat, breath is difficult, when saliva is ropy, state the limit arrived. Make feel the motion that express pants, for instance football, basketball, high jump, fast run, these make feel a heartForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Jump quickly, express pants. This kind of affection1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Besides can attend canter, take a walk after the meal wait for motion, avoid violent campaign to be able to be done a few resembling is to canter, too extremely etc a few have oxygen campaign, OK still gym does some of exercise appropriately, but cannot excessive.

What does violent campaign include?

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Period is the exhaustion with be caused more easily certain really, lack of power wait for relevant symptom.

Directive opinion:

Generally speaking, proper likelihood is to need to be done in time avoid violent campaign, basically be ran, skip, swim etc is belong to.

How to say, the standard with specific it doesn’t matter, general and eruptive sex is strong, behavioral range is big and the campaign with expensive frequency counts violent campaign, resemble a football, the acuteness opposed such as basketball is violent campaign. What violent campaign points to commonly is the campaign that spends physical strength, be like fast ran, push-up is waited a moment. If groovy motion having oxygen also is violent campaign category if rate is rapid. relatively violent campaign is to be not violent campaign. When violent campaign, the person’s heartbeat is quickened, flesh1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The flesh blood capillary is outspread, haemal flow is accelerated, at the same time muscle has systole of ground of section law sex to be able to squash small vein, make blood heart of very fast regurgitate. Body of violent campaign later generations is those who maintain temperature is constant, skin surface blood-vessel is outspread, magnify of aperture of fine hair on the human body, discharge sweat grow in quantity, come loose in order to go to the lavatory hot. After violent campaign, human body metabolization is in high level condition. After moving so: Unfavorable rest instantly, bath, unfavorable crapulence is washed to stop on unfavorable horse a large number of thirsty, unfavorable eating candy, unfavorable drinking recover from fatigue.

What does violent campaign include?

Proposal menstruation can reduce violent campaign, right amount campaign is possible, what can notice nutrition is balanced with period healthful, acuteness not was to see length, it is to see rate, moving on water 6 buildings also is according to individual physical strength different, the individual feels and this kind of level is decided, alleged and violent campaign, it is the physiology such as the palpitant blood pressure that shows static after motion breath exceeds half an hour to return position of irreclaimable static interestShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Learn index, the circumstance such as occurrence faint, the proposal does not do the following exercise, play basketball, play football, tennis, run acutenessly, look at next jumping from headroom, do not move a heavy thing not nervous do lower his head to work. Move not to exceed those who give life range to exert oneself at ordinary times namely again. Move half hours of above like smooth fortune, the heartbeat is achieved 130 minutely, this kind of circumstance also isShanghai Long Feng forum

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Violent campaign.