Ren Tiantang is rolled out again innocently it seems that confuse you Ren Tiantang and confuse you to exceed

Hold the post of what heaven rolls out to confuse you Ren Tiantang, confuse you super Ren Tiantang caused a nostalgic unrest, a lot of people hope to use this opportunity him general the memory when is brought into afresh collect. Confuse you in these two of course after lead plane is rolled out, also begin to circulating between the player whether can have confuse your N64, or it is these two lead plane roll out new version. Be aimed at this a little bit, reggie Fils-Aime of American Ren Tiantang’s president is in suffer when visitting, had the following answer. ” above all, in the light of present confuse you series of nostalgic lead plane, should adding new content is impossible, most at least is in the United States at this o’clock home was to had reached consensus, confuse you the product that nostalgic series celebrates greeting everybody to be bought as the gift in specific item namely. But want goods in stock to sell only, stop to traffic. Nostalgic henceforth game can offer each player through Nintendo Switch online service, also hope everybody can experience the game in the past through the nostalgic service of Nintendo Switch. ” of course, light replies from this, can not represent Ren Tiantang completely to confuse your N64 with respect to true throw the helve after the hatchet, but confusing you Ren Tiantang, confuse you respect of super Ren Tiantang, make product of out of print very likely. For the player that also confuses your lead plane to wanting to collect this different accordingly, need it seems that more advertent, more grasp the opportunity that can buy.

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