Tiger father does not have Zhao Yihan of canine female Zhao Benshan’s daughter to make a network advocate sow day to enter 880 thousand

Some earlier this month moment, we had brought Zhao Yihan of Zhao Benshan’s daughter to hold the position of network daughter to everybody advocate sowed message, while a lot of netizen praise girls are beautiful, did not forget to fill fortunately unlike dad! Allegedly she is done female advocate sow a month to enter 880 thousand, still be tiger father does not have canine daughter really!

Surround the direct seeding video that watched Zhao Yihan, not full girl manner of 20 years old is easy, a northeast antrum very denounce happy event, sing a song from time to time, a bit not stage fright, direct seeding time exceeds two hours at every turn. Zhao Yihan is young daughter of Zhao Benshan, suffer fully as a child favorite, this hill uncle also has divulged the daughter has artistic talent like him, do not eliminate child bear the likelihood of father line of business. This hill uncle is in according to the person arteries and veins of costly group and resource, zhao Yihan thinks scene goes out to should star is by no means tickler, but the girl does not walk along common road ground to choose to make a net red. Very of coincidence is, zhao Yihan opened direct seeding this year in April, and this hill group just pulls open not long ago collective is become the net is red, try big screen of direct seeding of sth resembling a net of a network of rivers.

Nearly 9 years, this hill uncle is sent more low-key, appear in public line of sight rarely, but the Zhao Benshan inside a month appears twice one after another is to be on platform of network direct seeding: It is the film that its ginseng performs ” had spent the New Year ” news briefing, give out to the netizen inviting; another times is to come to YY direct seeding undertakes between direct seeding. Had the open a way of father company, the downwind with the stream that Zhao Yihan’s direct seeding also makes, elder sister of division of senior fellow apprentice people will to her sing the praises from time to time, the person such as egg of Song Xiaobao, Cheng Ye, bifurcation sends cucumber from time to time, especially small Yue Yue, sent 26 cucumber at a heat! Zhao Yihan is a girl that loves the United States, like others boast she is beautiful, ceng Youfen silk spits groove her face-lifting is not good-looking, be pulled by Zhao Yihan instantly black, emphasize cannot saying I am ugly absolutely repeatedly.

Differ with this two people, zhao Yihan is not willing to mention father Zhao Benshan more, for many times evasive later, some are helpless path: You do not brush screen again, he is very good now, the body is very good also, each respect is very good, the humor is better than before also. To the netizen bright in dark in ask, zhao Yihan’s very strong also response my whats do not know, also won’t tell you. Zhao Yihan is in direct seeding or show her more overall actual strength, she has revealed lyric song, fast song, a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing and English song to wait, profess piano 10 class, also can play guitar. Had shown in a few circumstances before her not the dancing strength of common, so adequate talent preparation does not know to to go out formally prepare. The business that Zhao Yihan does direct seeding by media exposure hind, her video broadcasts quantity weak point one rise from tens of thousands of violent wind afternoon hundred thousands of, a ring of light that has this father Zhao mountain is added hold, zhao Yihan can gain person energy of life and attention very easily, but how does the road later want to go? It is the daughter that continues to become astral father, still cast off father’s influence hard, this is the problem that 2 generation should face all stars probably.

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