Cosmetic of unqualified import provision comes from Korea to involve what brand mostly what product

Shandong examines quarantine bureau was announced on March 15 entrance product examined Feburary quarantine circumstance, examine in all quarantine import provision and cosmetic 1812 batches, 124 million dollar, check gives the cosmetic of unqualified import provision that involves important and safe wholesome item 5 batches, rejected product involves 4 kinds of products, basically be cosmetic, bean products, aquatic product, Hai Tai wait, basically come from the country such as Korea.

Union the Shandong of the portion imported product quarantine circumstance in January 2017, before this year 2 m上海千花网

onths should be saved examine in all quarantine import provision and cosmetic 4288 batches, amount is 315 million dollar, the cosmetic of unqualified import provision that involves important and safe wholesome item 9 batches, its are main origin country is Korea, unqualified reason is microbial super- mark, super- the expiration period, exceed limits to use additive to wait.


Shandong is distance Korea the as the closest, earliest as Korea economy society China province, selection of many Korea product enters a country by Shandong China. Outside dividing food and cosmetic, enter in what Korea imports condition in using a plant also check gives epidemic situat阿爱上海同城


The reporter saves discrepancy condition to examine in Shandong quarantine bureau announces unqualified entrance notice in product lis上海龙凤论坛sh1f

t, before Shandong still examined in Feburary quarantine into condition use plant and its product 9994 batches, 3.002 billion dollar, be in in all into condition plant epidemic situation is intercepted and capture in using plant and its product 1300 batches, include quarantine sex dragon spruce of evil living things grass of 8 tine small moth, pig, France is wild oaten, black broomcorn, blame quarant爱上海同城手机版

ine sex is mite of bacteria of anthrax of Jie of amaranth of sunken head of evil living things, targe, chili, pink, wild oaten wait, basically come from country and the area such as the United States, Korea, Japan, C阿拉爱上海同城


According to Shandong province discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau staff member introduction, unqualified entrance product already all undertook retreating carry or destroy by melting or burning, fail to enter Chinese market from Shandong port.

Regard Chinese imports and exports as big province, shandong province has the resource of high grade haven such as Qingdao harbor, sunshine harbor, Yantai harbor, the foreign goods amount that imports from Shandong is huge. In January 2017 portion, shandong saves goods commerce imports and exports completely 149.5 billion yuan of RMBs, export 89.74 billion yuan among them, import 59.76 billion yuan, all present growth state. ( of bridge of reporter plum glad)

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