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Honey is a kind of very common snacks on market, mouthfeel is very sweet, suffer quiteShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Of middleaged female love. Honey can be eaten raw directly, also can become honey water to bubble with water, anyhow eats the means of honey to decide according to individual be fond of. Eat honey actually or have cultured, dot especially the baby cannot eat, although honey contains some nutrient value,abound quite. Many people asked, chronic gastritis can drink honey water, later development can help you probably.

Can chronic gastritis drink honey water

Hour of the 1-2 after best meal drinks the person of stomach trouble advantage of; honey water: Prevent constipation, alimentary skin, health is macrobian.

Defect: Hollow drink honey water to make the acidity inside body increases easily, time grew to be met hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is overmuch and get gastric ulcer or duodenum ulcer. The proposal is after the meal 1. 5-2 drinks honey water after hour.

Attention: If itself intestines and stomach is bad the person had better be to use 30 degrees bleb to wear drink, cause diarrhoea, gastroenteritis easily otherwise etc

Can chronic gastritis drink honey water

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a word: “Toward government salt solution, late late sweet soup ” . Saying means: Rise early everyday hollow drink weak brine, honey water is drunk before sleeping in the evening everyday.

The drinkable method that my individual recommends is: A cup of hot milk that adds one spoon honey is drunk before sleeping every night.

Because milk contains potassium much, and honey contains rich magnesium. And consider to make clear, potassium has main effect to the caky process of the conduction of nerve impulse, blood, it can alleviate mood, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Restrain ache, prevent infection to reach reduce period exsanguine quantity; Magnesium is right big1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Central nervous has the head composed action, can adjust psychology, eliminate nervous mentality, ease pressure. Because this is very helpful to the female, in addition, the B that milk honey contains a lot ofa group of things with common features vitamin, have slow the action that sleep peacefully.

Can chronic gastritis drink honey water

Nutrient analysis makes clear, dextrose of about 35 % is contained in honey, 40 % fructose, these two kinds of candy need not pass digestive action and be absorbed to use by human body place directly. Honey still contains a variety of inorganic salt with close of chroma of human body serum, still contain a certain quantity of vitamin B1, B2, B6 and iron, calcic, copper, manganese, phosphor, Potassium to wait. Amylase, lipase is contained in honey, change enzymatic etc, be contain in food enzymatic a most kind. Enzymatic it is to help human body digest, absorb and the stimulative content of a series of material metabolization and chemical change. The odour scent of honey is goluptious, from nutrition and health careForum of Shanghai noble baby

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In light of value, it is nourishing not only, lengthen life delay year article, it is to treat a diseaseSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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fine medicine.

Be in clinical on, honey can treat gastritis not only, still can add in honey certain medication ulcer is ill. Develop honey with warm boiled water like every morning 6 grams, hollow take or use the root of red-rooted salvia 15 grams, wood is sweet 6 grams, broil licorice 6 grams, decoct juice is taken to honey, medicable stomach duodenum ulcer and all sorts of gastralgia disease. Why does honey have this curative effect? Original honey is a kind of potential alkalescent food, the inorganic salt such as the manganese that it contains, stimulative alimental is digested with assimilation, reduce gastric bowel burden thereby and alleviate symptom.

If use honey 30 grams, fry jujube benevolence end 15 grams, divide take medicine with water 2 times, have effect of very good Ning Xinan god, can wipe flustered, insomnia, forgetful, much dream. If join the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine 9 grams, the seed of Oriental arborvitae 9 grams, still can enhance memory, improve intelligenceForum of Shanghai night net

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