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Now is burning hot summer, major person can choose a few cool food come disappear heat drops in temperature. Cold drink, ice cream is relatively common. But can be liquor drunk with be being put on the ice? Liquor bases is alcohol, alcohol is a kind of chemical material, can follow the change of temperature and produce a change. So wine is putting liquor on the ice to drink should note a lot of problems, we come along below specific understand!

 Liquor can be put on the ice drink

One, the summer drinks alcohol cannot iced. Liquor first-rate is drinkable the method is: Tepid and drinkable. Main because wine is medium besides containing alcohol, return the harmful matter of a few influence eyesight such as impure a few methanol, formaldehyde. And the boiling point after the alcohol solution of these harmful material and aqueous solution mix under 60 ℃ . If heat wine, in wine these are harmfulLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Material basically can volatilize. So this is the ancients often says ” lukewarm wine ” , ” warm wine ” reason, everybody does not try liquor to drink a way refrigerantly again, for healthy, what kind of wine is drunk with what kind of means.

2, drinking freezing wine is harmful to the body, generally speaking, freezing wine is met than body temperature low 10 degrees or so, long-term and drinkable meeting brings about person stomach bowel the path is disorder, cause appetite to drop, devoid nutrition, those who affect a person is healthy. When so the proposal is drunk, should heat a bit.

1, appetizing disappear is fed

Dining while, drinkable a few liquor, can stomachic, stimulative alimental is digested, can make the person is in thereby imperceptible in increase appetite. The person that lack to nutrition will tell, such means can be in undoubtedly promotional airframe is opposite virtually of nutrient composition absorb, have certain profit to the health of the body.

 Liquor can be put on the ice drink

2, prevent cardiovascular disease

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Person, the person that a few drinking and the blood pressure level of the person that do not drink each are not identical, and with sot blood pressure highest, lowest of blood pressure of the person that a few drinking, and the blood pressure of the person that do not drink uprights between both. This makes clear, a few drinkable low the action that spends liquor to be able to remove relatively remarkable protection heart and vessels. Because,this is a few drinkable liquor, can increase the high density lipoprotein inside human body blood, and high density lipoprotein can wait for the low density lipoprotein that can cause cardiovascular disease again, from blood-vessel and coronal shapeLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Arterial change trains moves, can reduce deposit of the cholesterol inside coronary artery effectively thereby, prevent the action of cardiovascular disease.

3, promote metabolic

The alcohol composition with more to containing liquor, and quantity of heat is higher, the blood that can promote human body consequently circulates, have certain and benign stimulative effect to systemic skin, return the effect that can achieve metabolism of stimulative human body thereby. This kind of benign stimulative effect is returned can Europe action is conducted at nerve, can have effect of certain and favorable be well versed in to systemic blood thereby.

4, eliminate exhaustion and nervous

A few drinkable liquor, can mix to cerebrum through alcohol the action of central nervous, rise to eliminate exhaustion, flabby nerval effect. Below the action of liquor, the person can be loosened1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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To the vigilance of the outside, body and mind can be in relaxation condition, have the effect that stimulative blood circulates plus liquor, come so, can make after a few drinkable liquor body and mind times touch is light. Of course, if be a large number of drinkable liquor, so the effect that removes exhaustion and insecurity can decrease greatly, contrary meeting makes person nerve excitement, Morpheus becomes shallow, awake the following day can feel tired and faint.

 Liquor can be put on the ice drink

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5, calm the nerves aid Morpheus

Night is taken a few liquor, can promote haemal abide gentlilyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Annulus, have hypnotic effect. A few liquor can stimulate drink gastric juice is secreted secrete with saliva, rise to be mixed to be good at stomach consequently stop pee of aching, benefit and helminthic action. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats a disease with liquor or as strong kidney filling agent already had long history. The person drink that Western medicine often also advises a cold some brandy. Also use the besmear outside wine, regard antiseptic disinfection as action.