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Chapter introduction

The person that likes to take razor clam in the life is very much, the effect of clear hot detoxify can be produced after eating because of it, still can help the protein with compensatory and many people, many calcium also can complement to pledge in the meantime. Of course, toA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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For friend of classics tipple stoned, razor clam also can produce the effect that sees alcoholic drink, to dot, also can eat a little sometimes a few, because it is OK,fill head. So, what contraindication can razor clam have when eat?

Eat razor clam what to contraindication there is?

What place cannot take razor clam?

Of razor clam splanchnic cannot eat, when doing, want splanchnic take out, the tooth when eating otherwise can feel uncomfortable, the razor clam bubble that buys is in weak brine, can make sand is spat clean, scald of the razor clam after water is burned 10 seconds, housing is met1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Open, squeeze next piece splanchnic, take the black edge on housing to be able to be fried.

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? Generally speaking, has died razor clam does not suggest again edible, because the protein content of razor clam is very high, cause miscellaneous bacterium easily later too to death, deteriorate very quickly thereby, ate bad to the body.

Carry razor clam to must carry work, if be dead,can take bad gut. A bit seawater wants to inn-keeper when buying, with Yutusha. Put razor clam in seawater complete immersion, if do not have seawater,add salt of a few spoon to replace with the tap water in the home. Raise a long time a day let it spit sand silently.

Eat razor clam what to contraindication there is?

If use water to be not boiled,of housing is dead razor clam, refuse cannot eat. Get off the razor clam flesh that has boiled from housing, there is silt to affect mouthfeel on housing. The take out of circuit black line razor clam periphery wants when eating, even the partial purify that black in razor clam flesh.

How does razor clam choose?

Want to see the color of razor clam carapace above all, if color is golden yellow flaxen perhaps, explain case is more frivolous, the flesh is qualitative rich and generous; if the color of housing presents dark black, explain housing is thicker, the flesh is compared inside little.

Eat razor clam what to contraindication there is?

Want to be felt with the hand then. The razor clam in common food market is put in seawater to be being raised, housing is stretched slightly, the hand touchs what can close, the; that the specification is work was touched do not move, feel inflexible is dead, do not want to buy.

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1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Instruct you one court, when choosing, want to see razor clam surface have silt, what do not think the surface has sand is fresh, actually this accentuated not only weight, still explain to there also are a lot of silts in the flesh of razor clam.

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