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Do not have a thing inside the home at ordinary times when, everybody works via often can buy a few pork, the flesh works even if compare common small snacks, nutrient value is high, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The entrance is exceedingly sweet also mellow, also compare so welcome, above the making method that general pork does, need preparation have sauce, still having is juice of orange of a few willow, the fleshy ball that such making is delicious, nutrient value is very high also.

What does the making method that pork does have?


The pig wrings the flesh 600Forum of Shanghai night net

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50ML of 45ML of juice of orange of 30ML of 60ML of 50ML of G, rice wine, soy, fish sauce, willow, candy

What does the making method that pork does have? Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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All material are put into arrange basin to mix divide evenly, mix extremely wring the flesh to have stickiness (powdery pink mixed about 20 minutes)

Take a plastic bag, will wring the flesh to put in lever to become chip (powdery pink buys 600G to be able to do 8 big about measure)

Bake dish on put bake paper, the flesh that will driven does plastic bag to be cut open from Bian Bian put on bake paper

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The pork after oven bakes 20 minutes 100 degrees will be ripe, next oven turns to bake 15 minutes for 150 degrees again, became pork doing

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It is OK that whole pork that has baked does the size that likes along with oneself to cut ! !

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